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I have been photographing newborns for 10 years now and until the summer of 2016 if you asked me why? I didn't really know.

 One day I was rearranging my office space , as I was finding different items it gave me time to reflect.

I went through a huge personal growth in the summer of 2016 that hugely impacted me. And gave me a lightening bolt A-Ha shock to my thoughts.

You see for awhile I had been wondering what my "WHY" is and why I am so passionate about Newborn Photography.

During an exercise in trying to find my why we were presented with three questions and only one would be the "ONE" answer.

We were told to write out our life story and the major events that impacted us. I sat down to reread my life story and the one question that affected me was What Life Altering Situation Affected You So Deeply? I started to weep.

As I type this now I have tears, I lost my second baby at 4.5 months of pregnancy. He was due Christmas Day. It was a little boy and we named him Michael.

I was only days away from my twenty second birthday when I lost him on my mom's birthday. Still so young and naive.

It was quite a traumatic experience that I still have not forgotten 27 yrs later. I was alone when I delivered him and I was so very afraid of having haunting nightmares if I looked at him.

What I wouldn't do to turn back time and taken the time to hold him, kiss him and treasured that moment with him and had a picture to take with me through my life. 

I had two good friends give me a basket with pink artificial roses for my loss. That little basket has moved to Calgary, Manitoba and now Saskatoon over the last 27 yrs. It has been through 22 moves in 3 provinces.

That is how precious this keepsake memory is to me. it is ALL I have of him. I am forever grateful to them for gifting me with it all those years ago. Thank you!

We are not promised a healthy baby at the end of our pregnancy. We hope with everything we have that we will be blessed with a healthy perfect baby but sometimes it isn't.

But when it does we need to celebrate and document it. We never know how many days, months or years we will be given with our children.

It is for the tiny miracles that arrive months too early or the little ones who are only here for a few weeks and then leave us. Every baby deserves to have their pictures done.

We can't afford not to.

This is why I am passionate about Newborn Photography. Each new baby truly is a miracle.

If not with me please dear mommies and daddies please take every picture you can of your dear sweet baby.

Love Sheila

**** The little boy in the picture heartbreakingly passed away just as I was finishing editing his gallery with his twin brother.

In loving memory of Michael and Xavier ****