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Why Choose Forever Captured Photography?

Forever Captured Photography has a very unique style to both Saskatoon and Calgary.

Clients commission Forever Captured Photography based on this unique style and attention to detail.

This style is a perfect blend of capturing Fine Art within the first intimate moments with your new baby. Making each image one of a kind.



They should touch your heart in a special way. It is amazing to see the tiny details and what resembles mommy and daddy and what is all their own. They are a heirloom to share with your child once they are grown and with their children. They are a measure of how tiny they were. They will become priceless as they can never be repeated or replaced. It is one of the few measures of recording how tiny your precious baby is.


Your baby is only tiny once in their lifetime, and once those first weeks pass, the only thing left behind will be the pictures that you captured in those precious moments.


Together we will capture the most amazing images of your baby.......

Forever Captured Photography is not studio based. I come into your home to capture the first images of baby.

In those first few weeks it is so hard to imagine trying to pack everything into the car and go spend a few hours in a studio.  

It is so wonderful to be able to spend this time in the comfort of your home and capture images of baby in their first home.

Trust is so important, especially when you welcome someone into your home and into your family's life to capture these images.

With Forever Captured Photography you don't need to feel stressed or rushed if it is taking baby a bit to settle. I am there until we are done. I am a perfectionist and have my own measures of how many different photos we need for a complete gallery.

 The average session is about 4 hours and sometimes baby has a "growth" day and just won't settle. I will make arrangements to come back the next day to continue to get the portraits at no extra cost. Please don't schedule anything else on the day of your newborn portraits.

I will send a link to my Welcome Book with all the information and pricing needed for booking your session and making it a success. Most clients invest approx 600 dollars in their newborn portraits.

If you would like to chat about your thoughts and questions regarding a newborn session please don't hesitate to call 306-221-5290

or email me at